This post isn’t about coffee, but it mentions it

By | March 12, 2011

Right. So. I’ve been too busy doing things to stop and take a minute to talk about it all. Which is not really the attitude one wants to have with a blog, is it? Noteworthy happenings abound, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention some at least in passing.

I’m slowly but steadily chipping away at the as-yet-untitled fantasy/”airpunk” story that I have going. I know the major events, the characters, their basic conflicts, and all sorts of little details that aren’t terribly important by themselves. This one really does seem to be coming along, and will likely be the largest thing that I’ve ever written. More updates on that as they become available. Which means whenever I can avoid being distracted by life or by writing other things.

Austin is abuzz with South by Southwest this week, and for the third straight year I am avoiding it completely. I really must check out some portions of it at some point, but thus far funding, time and energy haven’t conspired to allow me to partake of this quintessential Austin event. It’s just too large for me to wrap my head around. I’ve never attended ACL either, which is a source of shame. I am, however, looking forward to taking in more events in the future. Since moving to Austin I’ve steadily been increasing my attendence of live music, theatre, and other events related to areas of interest. Just recently I was able to attend a showing of Blue Man Group’s performance tour, which I enjoyed immensely. It’s probably the only instance in my life in which I will enjoy throwing pieces of chocolate into a man’s mouth and then having him spit it into my hand. I can’t see that coming up very often. Looking toward the future, I’ve purchased a ticket to the Arcade Fire concert in May, and am making serious plans to return to Seattle to attend PAX in September. Beyond that, I’ll take things as they come up. I tend to happen into opportunities to attend events randomly, which is how I ended up seeing Phantom of the Opera and Joshua Radin. I’m remaining open to whatever experiences Austin throws at me.

Speaking of my city of residence, it’s odd to think that I’ve now been here almost as long as I lived in Seattle. I’m amassing an impressive list of addresses for someone of modest means who is still closer in age to 20 than 30. Northwest Austin in particular is finally starting to feel like home. I’ve got my apartment somewhat outfitted in a way that pleases me, as opposed to the furnishing of necessity that characterized my early decor. I’ve gradually discovered nearby businesses and how they fit into my lifestyle. I’m sitting in a coffee shop near my place now, and I realize that I know the first names of every single barista that works here. Yet I couldn’t for the life of me tell you where the restroom is. Which I suppose says more about my feelings on public restrooms than it does about my familiarity with this establishment.

I have an idea for a script that I’m considering. It’s about light. I don’t know enough to say more just yet. I don’t want to divide my attention to much, but I’ve filed the notion away.



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