Month of May

By | May 25, 2011

Somehow, I’ve made it through the past month, an incredible feat considering all that has transpired. I don’t like to say “crunch time” because I don’t actually know what the phrase means, but it was crunch time for me. My day job kicked into high gear right around finals time, which also happened to coincide with the start of the summer movie season, a plethora of social events I’d rather devote my time to, and a miniature existential crisis over becoming a quarter of a century old. It’s been utterly exhausting, and I’m ashamed to say I let many personal habits lapse, chief among them my writing. Picking it up again lately though- I dashed off another piece for the third round of the Four Thousand Words Jam, which you can see here. I’m slowly teaching myself screenwriting in order to work on that script I’ve been kicking around, and in the past couple of days I’ve furiously scribbled down several sentences that will either become short stories or incomprehensible nonsense that I try to decipher six months from now. I’ll get back to you on that.

I also made time to catch Arcade Fire in concert, and I’m glad I did. They put on a fantastic show that reminded me why I enjoy going to concerts. And I managed to take much less spastic video this time, sharpening my cameraphone skills. I also must give props (I don’t know what that means either) to local teenaged band Schmillion, whose opening set I rather enjoyed. These young ladies showed a lot of enthusiasm and were clearly having a good time. I’m really starting to love concerts, which I think means I get to be a real Austinite now.

So as I’ve alluded to, I am a part time student. I mention this because my favorite professor thus far has been none other than Austin writer lady Ms. Amelia Gray. Her work is phenomenal and I highly recommend it to anyone that enjoys words. And I mention this because she happens to be one of the organizers of a local literary and multimedia show, Five Things, which I was privileged to attend this evening. This fine bit of madness is an event I’d highly recommend to any locals interested in writing or drinking, preferably both. Tonight I got to see a Boyz II Men song performed in sign language, which is really all I needed to check off of my list of life goals. Good thing the world didn’t end last week.

I believe that’s all of the linking I needed to get out of my system. It’s shaping up to be a great summer, and I hope to post more here in the coming months. For now I need to prepare myself for the rest of the week- a roomful of jugglers and a night of karaoke are still on the agenda. And I have ingredients for a baked salmon recipe that may in fact cure blindness. I’m not sure; they were nonspecific on that part. I guess it tastes good as well, though.


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